Nando’s Job Opportunities
Offering guests a wide-variety of dishes,
Nando’s focuses on flame-grilled chicken
dishes utilizing Peri-peri, a type of chili
pepper, in four distinct flavors. The restaurant
chain operates on the principles of pride,
passion, courage, integrity, and family.
Employees, called Nandocas by the restaurant
chain, perform multiple roles with the
company. Job opportunities include cashier,
expo, prep cook, and griller. Managers, called
Patrão, or head of the family in Portuguese,
operate as supervisors, serving in
administration capacities.

Candidates who enjoy interacting with people,
work well in teams, and take well to direction
typically secure jobs with the growing
restaurant chain. Nando’s encourages
outgoing personalities and passions for good
food. Understanding proper uses of kitchen
equipment, as well as safe food preparations,
benefits potential restaurant employees. The
application process tends to remain
straightforward, with job seekers waiting a
week or so after submitting an application for
hire. All employees enjoy competitive wages,
flexible schedules, and a paid training period.
Nando’s Positions and Salary Information
As a growing restaurant chain, Nando’s
consistently seeks to onboard new staff

members in both entry-level and career-
oriented positions. Interested candidates may
apply in person or download a paper
application form directly from a company
website. Job seekers face minimal hiring
requirements, including a hiring age resting at
16 years old. The following lists current
openings available with the casual-dining
Cashier/Expo – Front-of-house employees
may work as cashiers, hosts, or expediters.
Cashiers take customer orders with accuracy,
focus, and attention to detail. Front-of-house
employees should remain engaging,
welcoming, and personable. Basic math and
strong interpersonal skills typically benefit
interested candidates. Expedition duties
usually center on preparing garnishes, sauces,
and spice blends for meals. Front of house
cashiers, expediters, and hosts generally earn
around $8.00 to $9.00 an ho

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